Yo. Im Sassy, I love anime, my orange juice, music, Callum + Lewis, sushi, bracelets, earings and MLIA. This tumblr is about quotes, you wont see many pictures on it. I suppose its quite boring to look at. I like to take quotes and analyse them.. looking at the deeper meaning beneath it all. I talk to much, i have a strong opinion on everything. Thats probably why i got tumblr, so i can ramble on and no-one can stop me. This is my page and i can type what i want on it. Im quite different to what people expect from me, first impressions are always that i look 16, im your typical blonde who only cares about my appearance, shopping and boys Wrong. Im 14, i really dont care how i look most of the time, i rarely wear make-up and always leave my hair natural. Shopping i hate, unless im on my own. Even then its quite boring, but i do love clothes. I love anime, naruto is my favourite. Im into rock bands and DnB. I would rather be camping rough and at a rave anyday. Hit Counter
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I want to see YOU smile (:


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